I have been working to look for photo opportunities. And as I mentioned in my previous post, this may well be an opportunity to see myself in a new way…

On Day 2 of the new year, I took a look around me. It’s time to face reality instead of hiding in my computer cave all the time. The chaos around me can’t continue. So I am beginning to eliminate the clutter that has built up over the years. This will take time, as you can see… but I’m going to stop the insanity now!

Day 3 was a little easier to deal with. We had a party to attend. It’s a belated Christmas party, so the highlight was a White Elephant gift exchange. Clearly the priceless moment was the look on my friend’s son’s face when he opened up his gift: a pair of Water Pik sets. No, he doesn’t get the concept of the White Elephant exchange! Fortunately someone took pity on him and “stole” the gift from him. I wasn’t quite so nice…though if he still had the set after the evening came to a close, I might have considered trading him for my puppy. Maybe. If there was money involved. 😉


Once the festivities came to a close, I had a moment to look around. There were some beautiful things to see in our hosts’ home. And I decided that Skippyjon’s photo opportunity had arrived….


The weekend has one more day, and then we return to the daily joys of the work week. Zzzzzzzzzzz