Looks like I’m in the habit of posting on alternating days. I guess that works for now. And my subject matter may seem to be duller every day because I’m so busy with the mundane work stuff. Still, I’m staying busy and trying to photojournal along the way. Right now I’m working on a knitting project. I made a number of shawls and scarves in late 2008 as Christmas gifts, so now this is something for me. The sweater is a very ambitious project only because of the time investment required given the details. There are a number of cable patterns in this design. Here is the yoke – the piece to go across the shoulders. This is the first section I’ve completed, and now I am working on the back.


And this morning during my commute, I was amazed at the sunrise. It took me some time to get to where I could stop to snap a photo, so the clouds had shifted dramatically in that time. Still, the light shining upward on the clouds was an incredible site. Awesome, eh?