Yep, it’s still a very busy year!! On Friday I had a full day of work. After tending to things at home, I went to visit my boyfriend. Suddenly I remembered that it’s the day of the “9 on the 9th” challenge over at DSP! I scrambled to come up with a theme and wound up deciding on Christmas Treats, recognizing fun Christmas gifts and such. Here are a couple:


The second photo shows my progress on the sweater I’m knitting as a Christmas gift to myself. 😉 I’m working on the back at the moment, and it’s stitching up pretty quickly. I hope to have it completed by Easter!

Saturday, today, was a long one – and it’s still early afternoon here. My son’s school is hosting a wrestling tournament. I volunteered to take an early shift so that I’d be able to watch his matches. I can’t really watch him wrestle, though. The sport is just too darn intense! So instead I go to provide moral support, and I also document his performance photographically. Now that I have my new Nikon, I just held down the shutter and let it rip. That made for a very full memory card – and in my not-yet-awake state when I arrived this morning, I forgot to bring extra cards! So I deleted a bunch of less-than-stellar shots of other boys, and lowered my image quality a bit. That was enough so I could snap away for his longer second match. This image was taken shortly before he was pinned. The expression on his face (the guy in red & black)  is exactly what I can’t see while I’m in the room! My BABY!!


There will be more photo ops tonight as my office Christmas party is being held this evening. Now I’m off to go find a suitable outfit…