A challenging journey, I was surprised to find that Louisville’s downtown hides behind the hills. Still, it’s a pretty little place. I positioned myself well behind a semi so that I could capture a photo at about the same time that I first glimpsed the skyline. 

Somehow I was so distracted by this skyline that I misread the signage, so I missed my exit and wound up on the wrong freeway. At the point I realized this, Rick called to check in on me. I was intrigued by the prospect of finding my way around a new town. Well, it didn’t take me long to orient myself…and it turned out I exited the freeway a mere three blocks from my destination. It was surprising to turn a corner and immediately see the parking garage I was seeking.

Another “pressure” in my drive was that I was hoping to see Kris Allen’s performance on American Idol.  And along came another blessing. I checked into the hotel quite easily, discovering I have been upgraded to the Concierge level, and no sooner had I hauled my stuff into the room and turned the television on then Kris was introduced for his first performance of the evening.

The room is quite lovely, and the bed is very comfortable. After the show, I wandered over to Fourth Street Live in search of my dinner. The Hard Rock Cafe is on my list of places to visit while I’m here, but I decided to wait until my second day. Instead I crossed the street to dine at TGIFriday’s. The meal was yummy, but I was compelled to top it off with dessert. So I ordered a chocolate peanut butter pie slice to bring back to my room. Yummmmmm!