I started the wintery day off with a trek up to the Columbus Zoo to see what it’s like there on a cold morning. I was not disappointed! There are sections of the zoo that are closed off during the cold weather, and I was disappointed that the lions were off-limits. But the Amur tigers definitely picked up the slack!

Foli is the lone male at the zoo, and he was quite engaging, not unlike the male white Bengal tiger we saw in Montgomery. I was amazed, getting this close-up opportunity. I walked back and forth at the glass with him, and discovered that his ears are as big as my hands. <gasp!> His mate, Anya, was more stand-offish, though she wandered over to pose for another photographer, atop the tiger cave. Eventually she came back to the glass, too.

I also had some neat photo ops with the Mexican Wolves and the Grizzly brothers, Brutus & Buckeye. The behomoth brothers were wrestling when I approached their enclosure. They are certainly entertaining!

And once I’d gotten cold enough, having traipsed all over the open areas of the zoo, I made my way home to resume my knitting. These socks are moving along, and I’m just about ready to start on the heel…