I didn’t have a chance to post this last night since I was wiped out rather early. Today we’re back to work, so I’m taking a quick moment to get this up. I’m taking another stab at Project 365, and it helps that I have knitting work to shoot on a regular basis. Right now I’m working on two sock projects: the first is Aerika’s birthday present, a pair of socks in a really cool entrelac pattern. I gave her the yarn on her birthday and then gave her the task of selecting a pattern. This design made it a pretty easy choice!

The other pair of socks in process at the moment are a birthday present for my son’s girlfriend. She turns 19 in ten days, and they’ll already be back to school by then. I’m hoping to finish these up in a couple days so that I can give them to my son to give to her on her birthday. I was very productive over the holiday weekend in working on these, but I did have to wait until New Year’s Day to get started on them since they are also a knit-along (KAL) project. I won another prize in the KAL from the November/December holiday event. These are definitely the smallest socks I’ve knitted to date, as Beth is a size 5.

The other item I have on the needles now is a scarf for my brother. No photos as yet, but I’ll add that to the list. I started the scarf in the last week of December while waiting for Aerika to select her sock pattern. The scarf is done in double knit, so it’ll be very warm. The colors are navy blue and gray, and I’m planning to incorporate at least one star into the design. My brother is a Dallas Cowboys fan, so that was my inspiration. He and his wife are also in snow country (Colorado) for the first time in their eighteen years of marriage! He’s had prime assignments during his Air Force career, including Las Vegas, San Antonio and Oahu. I’m looking forward to visiting with them in the spring!

And just for fun, here’s another amazing photo from my zoo adventure this past Saturday…