I started to title this poast “Back to The Grind,” but my work isn’t so much a grind in my opinion. That implies it’s dull and irritating. At the moment my work is rather stressful, but it’s not usually that way. And the worst will be over very soon. We have a pressing deadline of Wednesday (1/6) due to a client’s reporting requirements. The past two months have been very challenging because we have been working diligently to prepare for these first three work days of January. That work has been extremely brain intensive, so I’ve felt very fractured a lot of that time. Yesterday afternoon I finally started to feel some relief from that.

Still, I didn’t get home from work until after 7 p.m. That meant there wasn’t a lot of knitting time available. The first thing I did was warm up some of Sunday’s pizza so I could eat before 7:30. Then I turned on the TV and the Wii. This game system is a pretty new acquisition, and I bought it when I was very upset back in September. It helped me blow off steam at that time, and I was somewhat addicted for a few weeks. I can still recall the pain I’d get in my wrist after playing intensely for a while. Eventually, though, I backed off, and now I don’t have any trouble with it. I’ve attained Pro status in tennis and bowling, and I’m approaching that level in golf, though I don’t play that nearly as much. The big thrill for me, though, is in the Fitness Age component.

When I started off, it was frustrating to be labeled in the “elderly” group, as I think I started off as age 76 or something close to that. Over time that dropped, though the key was to learn how each activity really works. I even read the <gasp!> instructions a couple times so I could improve my performance and thus my Fitness Age. It was exciting to me the day I attained Age 20, which looks to be the youngest age attainable. And less than half my chronological age. It’s silly, and I’m the first to admit it. But it’s fun, and that’s what it’s all about. I usually play tennis to burn some energy when I get home, winding down from the day. It’s mindless enough to counter the brainiac days.

Once I had eaten and wound down a bit, there again wasn’t a whole lot of time before I’d be crashing. So I decided to change up my knitting for the night. I haven’t touched Beth’s Sweet Sock since Sunday, but I chose instead to complete another round of entrelac on Aerika’s socks. It’s fun to watch the pattern emerge, particularly with all the color changes!

Sock Wars begins in ten days, so I’m glad to be working on my speed! Still, work beckons…