Boy, I will be glad when Wednesday is over and done this week. This client deliverable has us really scrambling at work. On Tuesday I got in to the office at 6:45 and left at 7. I never even left the work area to go to the restroom. Can you believe that?

The bright spot of the day was a phone call from my son. He’ll be coming over to visit Wednesday night, so there’s another reason to look forward to the work day ending. On the flip side, I received some tragic news. A friend’s mother has been fighting a losing battle with cancer for the past few months. It started with news that she had a spot on her kidney. That spread rapidly, then they found it had spread to her lungs. Yesterday we got the news that it’s spread to her brain and they’ve given her two weeks. There are no words…

And yet, the world goes on turning. When I finally did get home from work, I turned on the TV to find that coverage had begun for the Orange Bowl. The Big Ten was well represented in the Iowa Hawkeyes. They really put a hurt on Georgia Tech. I watched the first half of the game while knitting more of Beth’s socks. I got another set of hearts completed. Matt is returning to campus on Sunday, so it looks like Saturday is my deadline to get these done. Another reason to get to Knit Knite on Thursday! 😀