Well, the big crunch time at work finally wound down. At 3:30 p.m. we released our first round of client deliverables, ending a three-day mad-dash that was really six weeks long. Phew! There’s still more work to do for that, but we have time to pull it all together.

Wednesday evening was a joy for me since I got to spend it with my son. Matt came over about 5, and we headed straight up to Polaris so he could get his first pair of track spikes. Next weekend (Jan. 16) will be his first track meet, so that will be a new experience for both of us. Since traffic was annoying (though probably not as bad as Thursday’s will be…pending the “massive quantities” of snow that are predicted…), we headed back to my neighborhood to grab dinner (Chipotle, natch) and take it home. Matt wanted to watch Return of the King, which was fine by me. I spent most of the movie working on Beth’s socks so that Matt can take them with him on Sunday. And I am nearly done (picture pending completion of the socks). In fact, when I went to bed last night I had just one round of k1p1 ribbing to do and then I can bind off. Silly, I know, to go to bed when I was so close to being done, but I know my limits.

Anyway, my Photo of the Day for Project 365 was one of Matt. He has an appointment on Thursday to get his hair cut, and allegedly this will be a dramatic hair cut as compared to the one he had last month – which didn’t seem to be a haircut at all! He’s not going to get a buzz cut or anything THAT dramatic, but it’s sure to be a lot shorter. I hope Beth & I will both be happy with the results. 😀