Well, it wasn’t exactly a snow day since I had to work. But the snow started up around noontime and didn’t really let up until late. I had already planned to skip choir practice in favor of Knit Knite, but as a bonus the aforementioned practice was cancelled. So I could join the gang at Panera’s with no guilt!

I was very happy to see the ladies who ventured out in the snow. Granted, driving in the snow wasn’t so much an issue; it was dealing with the stupid drivers out there! And we pretty much closed down Panera’s in Gahanna. Lots of stitching and laughing and sharing, and that’s what I really like about this group. I hadn’t seen Liz, Kate or Jackie since August. And that reminds me – I need to go look for the penguin pattern that Karen shared!

I finished Beth’s socks, so those have been washed and prepped for giving. I still need to design a card for her, so that will be on tap for this weekend. And I made progress on Aerika’s socks, too. There were a couple points when I got off track and had to tink a section to reset my brain to the pattern. When I got home, I picked it back up to work on while watching the Texas-Alabama game. Just as the game was wrapping up, I found the same issue which just confirmed it was time to go to bed!

The majority of the snow was past before I got to Panera, but then throughout the night there were very light flurries. My hedges looked very pretty in the glow of the streetlight…so that became my Photo of the Day!