It’s been a decent weekend, very quiet. From the time I left work on Friday, I’ve put quite a lot of time into knitting to finish up Aerika’s socks. And my diligence has been rewarded! And along the way I found out who my Sock Wars V target is, and I also colored another skein of sock yarn. The results weren’t quite what I was expecting, as this was my first go-around with Kool-aid dye. But it’s a work in progress.

I’ve kept up on the Project 365 goal of a photo per day, though the topic is pretty narrow. The coming weeks should offer some variety. Next Saturday will be Matt’s first track meet, and I know I’ll be taking photos then!

Here are my photos from the weekend…

January 8 – legs finished, which involved some backward knitting!

January 9 – among my various adventures today, mostly inside the house, I made my first attempt at dying yarn with Kool-aid. I apparently didn’t have enough of the powder since nearly half the skein got little to no color. I have ideas though… just have to make a follow-up visit to Wal-mart!

January 10 – late on Sunday I have finished Aerika’s socks!! I have five days until Sock Wars begin, so I may start on the SKA Mystery Sock KAL clues…or go back to the double-knit scarf I started. Decisions, decisions!