My day didn’t start off so great, as I was having issues with my sciatic nerve. It was tough for me to get moving, so I rested a bit more than usual for a Monday. I opted to work from home for the morning and go into the office for noon. That way I could lie on the floor to do my computer work, and relieve the pressure in my back. Medication to reduce the swelling around my discs was a big help, too.

Despite the morning’s challenges, I made it to work for noon and was thrille dto find a box sitting on my desk. And the admin who handles the mail told me there were three more packages in the mail room, which he’d bring out a little later. Oh, squee, indeed! the first box was opened in seconds. There’s fingering weight yarn to knit up a shawl (possibly my big Ravelympics event project), and three different skeins of bare yarn just waiting to be dyed. I had also ordered a couple more acid dyes to enable my latest discovery in coloring my own yarn. The other packages included the seed beads I had ordered for one of the mystery sock knitalongs I’ve joined, and still more yarn, plus another Magic Loop sock needle.

Imagine my joy to find that the needle I had ordered was accompanied by another needle of the same size and similar length! The store owner is known for adding goodies to an order, but this was incredible. With all the socks I expect to be knitting in the coming weeks, yet another needle to cast on with is spectacular!

I worked a little late into the evening since I have so many projects due this week. When I left, I decided to head to Easton to return something I had purchased a couple weeks ago. That’s when I discovered it was snowing. Oh joy, oh rapture, oh bliss. It was more of the icky wet snow that apparently freaks all central Ohio drivers to the point where they are compelling to tip-toe along the highway at a blazing eight miles per hour. This little errand turned into a ninety minute trek. Oy!

At last I returned home in time to zap my dinner in the microwave and start one skein of yarn to soak. <giggle> I plopped down in front of the television and turned on NCIS for a bit of entertainment to accompany my knitting. I had cast on the newest mystery socks in the morning while waiting for my computer to boot up. And now that I had the seed beads to work with, I tracked down the crochet needle I bought for this project, and started knitting.

After an hour had passed, I started in on the dye process. This is still an experimental thing for me as I’m learning as I go. I have the skein I started dyeing with grape Kool-Aid, but I need more Kool-Aid packages to finish that up. Nope, tonight was going to be brilliant – scarlet, in fact. I also applied some salmon dye to give a lighter color in some areas.  When all was said and done, it’s really pretty. Once I get my ball winder, I’ll be in excellent shape. This skein is still drying at the moment, as I let it cool overnight in the crock pot, then rinsed it out on Tuesday morning. I think my next experiment will be true handpainting, using distinctly different colors (salmon & turquoise?).