We had our women’s small group monthly meeting this evening. I chuckle at the term “small group” since there are eleven of us. And ten of us were present for this January meeting. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful circle of women with whom I can confide and share. They really inspire me. I have a feeling that some, if not all of my Iron Knitter socks will go to some of them.

I have made progress on the Sock Knitters Anonymous Mystery Sock January 2010 pattern. I completed Clue #1 before going to work this morning, and I’ve now finished six rows of the Clue #2 section – which is a very lengthy section. It moves quickly, though I do have to pay close attention to the pattern. Lots of details!

And my Scarlet Socks colorway has finished drying at last! Waiting for my ball winder so I can cake this skein up really purty-like! 😉