At long last, I finished up the Sock Wars weaponry last night. Heh, I’m annoyed that it took me five days to finish the pair. Anybody think that’s silly? I was keyed up to finish them so that a) I could send them out before meeting my own demise and b)I could cast on for round one of the Iron Knitter competition.

This Iron Knitter deal is entertaining, but it has become a little convoluted. Our fearless leader, also known as the Supreme Commander, was short on time to communicate details to us, so a lot of information came in at what seemed like the last minute. It turns out there’s a little game at the start of the round whereby riddles need to be solved before one can receive the pattern. We were permitted to form teams of up-to-five (six?) people, so that has added an additional element of competition as well as giving us the chance to get to know some of our Ravelry pals.

At 8 p.m. last night (Wednesday), the first set of clues was released. I googled like a maniac and answered four of the five questions very quickly, but the very first item was a tricky one. We took a stab at it, then had to wait for a reply from the Supreme Commander. After maybe fifteen minutes of waiting (which seeme dto take an hour), she e-mailed our whole team to say we hadn’t gotten the first answer right, but she gave us the pattern anyway and provided the answer to the riddle as well.

Since I hadn’t finished my Jekyll & Hyde socks yet, I returned to my easy chair to keep plugging away on them. At that point I may have been close to, if not onto the toe stitches, which were all stockinette. And here they are:

Socks of Doom

These were placed in a box along with a bag of blue M&M’s and shipped off to the target in England. Once I’d cast off and washed them, I set to winding yarn for my Iron Knitter round one pair of socks. This will be my first project with Blue Moon Fiber Arts’ Sock that Rock yarn. It’s really pretty, and feels very silky…

Rockin' Sox materials

Cast on!!