There is an old adage saying “Idle hands are the devil’s plaything.” Or something to that effect. Perhaps I’ve taken that to the extreme in that I can’t seem to leave my hands idle. Sitting in a conference room listening to a speaker, I was really wishing it wasn’t taboo to bring my knitting project in to work on while listening. I’ve learned a lot while listening to/watching television during my home knitting sessions, so it’s silly to think I couldn’t also learn/participate while knitting at work! Alas, I don’t think this idea will catch on.

Still, I have continued to make progress on the Mystery Sock knitalong for SKA and turned both heels on Wednesday night. In the process I also learned a great deal about wolves, coyotes, pythons and anacondas. 

February is nearly here, and with that the Winter Olympics are just over the horizon. I hadn’t really considered the Olympics to be something to look forward to since I haven’t paid attention to the games for a number of years. Ravelympics, however, has changed my perspective. Ravelry is hosting a challenge to its membership to try something new and different or challenge yourself in some way. I will be stepping up my knitting into the realm of lace for this event. The pattern I have selected to take on is called Pretty As a Peacock, which is a beautiful lace shawl that depicts a peacock’s feathers.

A few weeks back I ordered the yarn to complete this project, but I was a little disappointed when it arrived. The color name is Teal, so I expected a dark blue-green, but the yarn I received looks far more green. After going through their catalog, it looks like they don’t have the color I really want, so I’m going to add some fun to this project and over-dye the yarn I already have. Wednesday night, while knitting, I colored the first ball of yarn to see if I could get my desired color. It’s still drying, so hopefully my next post will provide the results. Here are th eremaining six balls, though, so you can see what I’m starting with. I will say that the dyed yarn sure looks like it’s colored as I’d hoped…

Knit on!