My subject for Thursday is rather random, but I wanted to step away from the knitting for just a few seconds. I had purchased a ginormous bag of M&M’s at Sam’s Club prior to the 48-hour crop a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been muching on them ever since. I did extract most of the blue ones to send to my Sock Wars target, but I didn’t take all of them out.

I can’t stay away from knitting for long however. We’ve gotten news that the next round of Iron Knitter will begin on Tuesday, February 2nd…Groundhog Day! That means I have just a few more days to work on my current sock project (SKA’s Mystery Sock). It’s possible that I can finish them up this weekend, in which case I will likely cast on (again) the Knitters Brewing Company mystery socks, Girls Night Out. I had cast on previously, after receiving my kit, but then I decided to frog them so that I could cake the yarn with my handy-dandy ball winder. I hadn’t gotten very far on them (fancy ribbing), so I wasn’t concerned about destroying my work.

Oh, and I am well pleased with the over-dying results of my Palette yarn. This is for the Peacock shawl I’ll be knitting for Ravelympics. I gave it a try on one skein of yarn, so I have six more to color to be done. Honestly, I like that the color isn’t solid, as it shows more green than blue in some parts, and deeper teal in others. February should be another busy knitting month!