My weekend didn’t end quite as I might have hoped. There was plenty of knitting involved…indeed. I took a spill, though, on my way back from dinner. This caused some trouble for my already-bothered back. I ended up getting a ride to the ER with the emergency squad. The firemen were nice enough, which made the back spasms almost bearable. The staff at the ER were as gruff as I remembered – and it’s been a good six years since I’ve visited them.

The whole ordeal meant I didn’t get home until morning, so I took the rest of the morning to sleep, waking up just before noon. With my back still sensitive from the trauma, I spent the rest of the day on the floor so I could at least get some work done.

Still, I digress. In the late afternoon on Sunday I reached a point in the Purply Goodness pattern where I just needed a change of pace. The pattern had become monotonous, but not enough that I could knit it without constantly referring to the chart. I decided to change things up a bit. I have until the end of February to finish P.G. as part of the SKA (Sock Knitters Anonymous) contest, so I switched back to the Girls’ Night Out mystery socks I had started back in December. I had gotten through the first clue there but had more than a month to wait before the next clue would be released. I chose at one point to frog what I had done so I could cake up the yarn with my handy-dandy ball winder. Sunday afternoon I cast on again for these mosaic pattern socks…and then proceeded to watch the Harry Potter series on DVD. I got through the third movie – and half of clue #2 – before my medical emergency.

And on Monday night I resumed the pattern and the movies. At bedtime, I have finished clue 3 and the sixth movie. One movie to go, and two clues currently available. Clue #4 is the heel flap, and clue #5 begins the foot. Since the Iron Knitter round two will start on February 2, the Girls may have to wait a little while before they can be continued….