Sunday was a relatively relaxing day for me. I played guitar and sang for Mass as usual, then went home for rest & relaxation. There was a lot of knitting on my agenda, as I wanted to make maximum progress on my mosaic mystery sock knitalong. The mystery is pretty much gone since a number of folks have finishe dtheir socks and posted images. Still, I’m really enjoying watching the design emerge.

Mosaic knitting is beautiful and deceptively detailed. It looks more complicated than it is, and I particularly like the fact that only one color of yarn is carried at one time, since the opposing color’s stitches are simply slipped, or carried upward. When I had stopped working on these socks in deference to the Iron Knitter Round Two scramble, I had finished through clue #3, which ended right before the start of the heel. There’s design work on the heels, so these will be best suited to wear with clogs or similarly open-backed shoes.

I completed the heels and began working the foot, which has a diamond design on top, very similar to my Cosmos With a Twist. And so I knit. I wtached Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which I interrupted to switch over to Puppy Bowl VI. I resumed the movie after the conclusion of the hilarity and cuteness overload. The Super Bowl followed, and I watched and knitted, and knitted and watched. The Saints were victorious (as it should be, especially on a Sunday!). But eventually I had to get to bed. The next day would not be so restful and relaxing.

Ultimately, it was a long, grueling day at work. I arrived just before 6:45 a.m., and after getting a large cup of coffee proceeded to begin checking materials that had been completed on Friday afternoon. And the number crunching went on throughout the day. We did have a business meeting at lunch for leadership to present the results of 2009 and goals for our group in 2010. As a bonus, a good lunch was provided: Chinese food, and lots of it. Much better than the two slices of pizza I had brought from home! But this was just a hiatus from the pressing matter of the day, checking numbers until my eyes crossed. I finally mustered the energy to shut down my computer at 7:15 and dragged my tired body home…for some more knitting, of course.

It’s only a brief respite, though, since more number crunching is to come!

Knit on!