This has been a very taxing week for me at work – many hours put in with not a lot to show for it. That’s a challenge of working where intellectual capital is the “product.” That can become discouraging when so much thinking goes into the work and often there’s only a letter or memo to prove it happened. And sometimes we don’t even have that!

That may be why my knitting obsession has taken off as it has. I have a very tangible product to show for my efforts. And usually it’s a good quality product to boot! I was so happy on Thursday to learn that Aerika was wearing her Birthday Socks (my adventure with entrelac) at work.

And on Wednesday night I met with friends to put together care packages for our college-age children (plus one deployed military family member). The College Box Moms is a lot of fun, and I enjoy the opportunity to get together with this group of women outside our normal scene of the church choir. After we completed our packages, we sat and enjoyed cake and hot chocolate and light conversation. The topic of knitting came up, so I had a chance to show off the socks I was wearing (my Seaweed socks). After we wrapped up our social time, I zoomed home to work on the Sock Wars weapons that had been delivered that day. I have a chance at a second “kill” in this assassin game, so I wante dto get started.

Beginning Friday night, the knitting will ramp up even more as Ravelympics begins. I have the afternoon off, as Matt’s track team is racing that evening, but it turns out he is not travelling with the team. I managed to sucker locate a friend who offered her home to host a cast-on party for our Knit Knite group. Ravelympics is a knitting complement to the Winter Olympics to be held in Vancouver,February 12-28. I’m taking the challenge seriously, and hoping to knit up a beautiful shawl by the end of the Games. Iron Knitter launches Round Three about the same time, so I have one pair of socks to finish (Sock Wars SIPs), another pair to cast on and complete (Iron Knitter) and this shawl (Pretty As a Peacock) to work through. I gues sit helps that I don’t have a life, eh?

Of course, work will continue.  This Ravelympics kick off is nice in that it falls on a holiday weekend. So not only do I have Friday afternoon as vacation time, but we have Monday off as well. I’ll probably put the knitting down for a little while to go do something, such as visit the Franklin Park Conservatory, just so I can get some photography time in. I don’t think I’ll venture up to the zoo, though, unless the weather is better than expected.

I’d best get through my short work day then so that I can get to playing as soon as possible! My photos of the day have been spotty, but for Wednesday and Thursday I have the SIPs package and Aerika’s Birthday Socks (in their natural environment…Aerika’s shoes!):

SIPs - from Australia by way of Michigan
Aerika's sox...and Aerika's shoes

Knit on…

P.S. I got a great chuckle today from my Never Not Knitting calendar which reads: “You Know You Knit Too Much When…they could put “Just one more row” on your gravestone and nobody would wonder why.”