Friday started off as a decent day, but there were a couple pretty low points. Not for me personally, but as an empath it still can bring me down. In world news, a tragic accident on the men’s Olympic luge course in Vancouver, an athlete from Georgia, Nodar Koaritashvili, lost control, went airborne, and collided with a pillar. In the aftermath, the reports indicate the track was not at fault. Still, the officials have directed the men to move down to the women’s start point, which will reduce speeds in the competition.

I was enjoying my break from work, knitting away on my second pair of Sock Wars death socks, when an announcement was posted to Ravelry that the Iron Knitter Round Three start would be delayed by a day due to an emergency. No further info was posted until much later. Around midnight, the competition’s sponsor (Cocoa Beach Yarn Company) posted that our “Supreme Commander,” the moderator for the competition, had been struck by a car while crossing the street. She is in the hospital, expected to be released on Sunday. Her husband is planning to e-mail the pattern to the Iron Knitter group. Cast-on information and cuff directions were also posted so we could start on the Ravelympics competition. I am still stunned at He;en’s news, and she has been in my prayers and will remain there.

I’m glad in some ways that I didn’t know what had happened to Helen before I drove to Westerville for our Team GK2 cast-on party. Ignorance is indeed bliss. I had a wonderful time visiting with my knitting pals. And we were diligent knitters, all of us. The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympic Games were quite grand. A “sneak peek” of the re-made “We Are the World” video aired (I have since seen the full version, which is a fun game of name-that-celebrity!), and there was a lot of fanfare.  The torch-lighting ceremony was a neat ending, though the technical difficulties made for an awkward few minutes.

Team GK2 cast-on

Saturday has been low key – lots and lots of knitting, which has been quite relaxing. I knit up the cuffs for the Iron Knitter socks, then resumed my knitting of the Sock Wars socks. I will finish the death socks before going back to the IK pair, but the end is near for a woman in Alabama! 😉

I’m really looking forward to getting back to my Pretty As a Peacock shawl, too! It’s beginnings are simple, but very pretty…

I am also enjoying watching the Olympic events. Today I’ve seen ski jumping and speed skating. More to follow…knit on….