Plenty of knitting to be had on this chilly Presidents’ day weekend. Lots and lots of knitting. Saturday night I visited friends while working on the Sock Wars death sox bound for Alabama (my target’s target’s target’s target, so my great-great-grandtarget!). Sunday started off as usual with church, followed by brunch with friends, where I continued to knit on the death sox.

When I got home, I discovered that the Iron Knitter Round Three pattern had been released about 9 a.m., attached to an e-mail from our Supreme Commander. She had been injured when struck by a car, along with a couple co-workers. Her injuries are bumps & bruises, so we’re all relieved it was a minor incident. Still, I prayed for her throughout the weekend.

When I got home from brunch, I had only to knit up the toes to finish the death sox, so I switched over to the Iron Knitter pattern for a while, knitting while watching the Olympic games. The men’s moguls was interesting to watch. And history was made when Alexandre Bilodeau won the gold medal in this event, the first time a Canadian has won a gold medal on home soil in three sessions of winter games. It’s a sweet story as the athlete has been inspired to train by his older brother, disabled by Cerebral Palsy. I just couldn’t get over how much he looks like the guy from the ads. 😉

Sunday evening I finished the death sox. Matt stopped by with his girlfriend and another classmate, so I could give him the box of goodies for Valentine’s Day. Then I really dug in to work on the colorwork in these Iron Knitter sox. The detail is tricky, though, and it took  alot of focus. I stopped periodically to watch the pairs skating. With a holiday the next day, I stayed up uber-late for me, and didn’t make it to bed until nearly 1 a.m.

Monday morning I was back in the chair and knitting like a maniac. Cable TV is cleraly my friend, and I learned a lot about moose from a show on Animal Planet. Eventually I made it over to the USA network to the NCIS marathon, one of my knitting staples. A couple episodes I’d never seen before, and all were entertaining.

The snow started falling out my window about 11 a.m., and boy, did it keep coming! When I finally ventured outside to get some dinner (as much to get away from the knitting for a bit as anything), there was nearly four inches of new snow in the driveway. And it wasn’t showing any signs of stopping either! Schools have cancelled classes for Tuesday, but alas – I will be back at work. That being said, I should probably get to bed at a respectable time, which means stepping away from the knitting for the night. Two pairs have been finished and posted, so I’m out of the running for first place, so no harm in taking a break. The pattern is really pretty, and I’m still thinking through modifications for the feet since I don’t like the idea of stranding on the soles of the feet.

Tomorrow morning I will mail the death sox…and I had fun packaging these to ship!

ACME Death Sox