First on Friday, we finished the client deliverable that I’d been cranking on for two weeks. Mentally exhausted, I wasn’t good for very much that day. I even apologized to a co-worker. I couldn’t seem to sort out a resolution to her problem, so I said, “Sorry, you caught me on a bad brain day.” It definitely took me longer to think through problems as they came up.

Once I got home, though, as tired as I was I was bound and determined to finish these Iron Knitter socks. In my last post I said I was going to finish them on Thursday. At that point, though, I wasn’t expecting to be working until nearly 11 p.m. And while I did try to finish up the toes, I found that I was losing count of my stitches and couldn’t keep track of decrease round versus straight rounds. Better to put the knitting down and go to bed and get it right the next day.

Get it right I did, and I have now earned two medals in the Ravelympics – yeah!

I’m back to working on the peacock shawl now, and got a good night’s sleep on Friday night. My mantra for the weekend: Rest my brain, and knit on!