I got a lot of knitting done over the weekend, which is good. I have a long way to go on this peacock shawl of mine, but it’s looking really pretty already. I also watched a lot of the Olympic games both days. On Saturday I also took a break from the needles to get some scrapbooking done. That made for a productive five hours at my friend Tammy’s house, and I finished up the pages from my trip to the Columbus Zoo in January as well as the trip to the Louisville Zoo at the end of last month. I’m nearly caught up, with the only major set of photos to scrap being from my February visit to the Columbus Zoo – which included my first glimpse of those lion cubs!

 The peacock shawl has begun to take shape, though the long feathers are going to take some time. I’ve completed 86 rows, but the piece is 215 rows long. Fortunately most of the remaining work is very repetitive. There are rows on rows of a basic lace pattern with intermixed sections of the “eye” work, resembling those most-colorful sections of a peacock’s feathers.

 Most of the time I spent knitting on Sunday, I was watching the Olympics. After I got home from church, I started off watching what I had video taped from Saturday night’s broadcast. The key events there were in speed skating, as Shani Davis ended up with the silver medal in the 1500m event at the Richmond Oval and Apolo Ohno got the bronze in the 1000m at the Pacific Coliseum. I did watch a bit of the bobsled runs as well.

Sunday’s events were entertaining, including the men’s Ski Cross, the men’s 15K biathlon, men’s Super Combined alpine skiing, and men’s ice hockey. The ski cross was interesting to watch in comparison to the snowboarding cross of the prior week. The Super Combined was nice to watch…I’ve definitely developed a crush on Bode Miller. There’s a certain shot of him that was shown repeatedly during the re-caps where you see his pale green eyes…he reminds me a lot of Russell Crowe.

A special segment followed the Russia-Czech Republic hockey game, giving a re-cap of the “Miracle on Ice” that was the US Hockey team at Lake Placid in 1980. Al Michaels interviewed three players from that team, taking them to the site of that historic occasion. The segment wrapped up with a short chat with Mark Johnson, leading scorer of that team and coach of the US women’s hockey team at the Vancouver games. During the evening segment of Olympics coverage, Bob Costas interrupted the bobsled coverage to direct everyone’s attention to Canada Hockey Place where Team USA had defeated Team Canada in a tremendous upset predicted to make headline news across Canada. And at the heart of Team USA’s surprising win was the efforts of their goalie: Ryan Miller.

And through it all, I knit. And knit. And knit. And then I knit some more. I have more dye work to do, as I have started on the second ball of yarn for this shawl, and only two balls of the seven that I purchased have been over-dyed to my liking. Looks like I’ll be pulling double-duty at the start of the week. Fortunately dyeing, like laundry, is mostly passive. It’s more a matter of remembering that I’m working on it so I can keep the process moving! My first task, though, is to wind the yarn into hanks for dyeing. That’s a somewhat mindless task that takes more time than I’d like. But once I do it, it will be done and I can move on to the next task. What is that quote…couldn’t find the one I wanted, so I’ll settle for Mao Tse Tung’s inspirational: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” For my application I’ll paraphrase…the gift of a beautiful lace shawl begins with a single stitch.


Knit on.