Priorities have converged. I got home on Wednesday to discover Sock Wars SIPs in my mailbox. My second target, the woman in Alabama, was very conscientious about sending me her target’s death socks (in progress). Unfortunately, she was not so conscientious about knitting said death socks. Perhaps I was spoiled by the knitter of the prior SIPs, since they were done two-at-a-time with half the work completed by the time I received them.

Alas, only one sock was begun, and the knitter didn’t quite make it to the heel flap. I give her credit, though, given that she is a newbie knitter (bagan April 2008), and this was her inaugural attempt at knitting socks. Props to her for taking on the challenge. And she included a note thanking me for her death socks and admitting her own embarrassment for her lack of progress and the quality of what she completed. I have assured her that her work is good, particularly given her inexperience. My own initial attempts last year were certainly not stellar.

SIP and swag received

To soften the blow of having to surrender my dream of more Ravelympics “gold” (there were two medals on the line with that shawl…), I was invited to an impromptu Knit Knite on Wednesday night. Katey Pants threw out the suggestion of knitting at her house. Since I can’t attend the regular Thursday Knit Knites for a couple more months, I jumped at the chance to knit among friends. And knit I did. It took a couple false starts while I worked with different needle sizes to try to match my predecessor’s gauge. I’m not 100% satisfied with my final match, but I don’t think I can get any closer just because I’m a more consistent knitter (one stitch to the next) than it looks like she is. By the time I headed home, I had finished the 2 inches of ribbing for the cuff and one full repeat of the pattern. We’ll see how quickly I can catch up to the first sock’s mark, at which point I can work on them two-at-a-time.

Knit on.