I’ve been running silent ever since my latest Sock Wars target sussed me out. Being a huge fan of the surprise aspect of the game, I stopped posting updates on my knitting progress, and basically stopped posting in general. Which is kinda silly really, now that I think about it. Although, it meant I was spending more time knitting…

The source of my post title, though, stems from an article I just read from the AP wire. Apparently the head of the Russian Olympic Committee resigned yesterday following the country’s poor medal performance in the Olympics that closed on Sunday. A source told the article’s author that officials would be fired if they didn’t voluntarily resign. Well, that doesn’t make it truly voluntary, does it?

Still, the comment that really caught my attention (and inspired the Title thought) was a quote from the Sports Minister, Vitaly Mutko, who said “the team was unlucky, that no one in Russia takes new winter sports such as freestyle skiing seriously and doping bans had deprived Russia of several leading medal contenders.”

Excuse me, but if doping bans deprived them of medal contenders, did they really have medal contenders? If their athletes aren’t competitive without the drugs, then they really can’t be considered contenders, can they? If the ban were lifted, then all the athletes could use the same “performance enhancers,” and the better athletes would still prevail. Sounds like they want to win by cheating. Oy!

And another Olympics-related story that fits the post title is Bob Costas’ commentating statement during the Closing Ceremonies. I was ROFLMBO (figuratively) when he says in his matter-of-fact manner, “And the always enjoyable giant, inflatable beaver.” Say what??? I think I sat there, staring at the TV, for at least five minutes, stunned that he just said what I thought he said (and a friend posted that the comment was included in the replay), before I finally wrote it down to see if it looked as bad as it sounded. Yep.

I’ll wrap up my post with a non-Olympic topic, and not really related to the post title either. Still, it’s happy news – for me, anyway. I have booked airfare for my son and I to fly to Colorado Springs for a vacation trip. We’re visiting my brother & sister-in-law, and I am very excited about this adventure. Matt & I haven’t been on this kind of vacation since our trip to Hawaii five years ago (to visit the same brother & SIL, naturally). In addition, I’ve begun making plans for even more adventures this year. Right now my destination list includes Washington, DC, and Philadelphia, plus my first-ever cruise. Indeed, I’m looking at a long weekend cruise to The Bahamas. Feedback is quite welcome, as at this point I am just at the initial planning stages.

Oh, and I also finally “bit the bullet” and bought myself a new laptop. Yeah, a toy!

Later this week I should be able to resume posting about my knitting adventures…

Knit on.