Okay, perhaps no real vengeance here, but more like exuberance. Now that my third Sock Wars kill has been confirmed (thank you, worthy target), I can resume my blabbering blogging with gusto. It’s interesting now to reflect on my reaction to being discovered by my target. Once I realized that she deduced my identity via my blog entries, I shut down. Wasn’t gonna post any blog entries, I stopped updating my project pages. I went into hiding electronically speaking. I wanted the element of surprise to still be there for my target. I did admit to her, though, that I am anything but a slow knitter. And once I knew delivery was in the next day or two, I admitted to her that death was imminent.

She’s happy with the results, so I’m pleased with the outcome. And my knitting progress has continued. This peacock shawl is a monster, though! I can manage about 5,000 stitches in a long evening (4+ hours), but this still seems to take a long time. At this point I’m almost halfway through Chart G, with charts H & I  remaining. H is a relatively short one, I believe. Of course, the stitch count per row continues to increase, so fewer rows are completed in that 5K count than when I started. I also have three skeins of yarn remaining to be dyed. That will clearly be done this weekend. Skein # 3 is nearly finished. In fact, I have to check to see if one more row can be knit with what remains of that ball. Its successor is ready and waiting, so I’m good for a few more days.

Naturally, I can’t seem to function with only one project on the needles. And at the moment I have no Sock Wars socks or Iron Knitter socks in progress. So on Tuesday I cast on for the latest Knitters Brewing Company mystery sock knitalong. These socks are pink and have beads in the design. While the pattern is a mystery, this KAL has been done before, so examples of the socks are available to be seen. The pattern has been named Social Butterfly, so I know I’ll like the results.

For fun, I splurged and bought a kit – Sorority Party Pink yarn and matching pink beads. I had a heck of time when I started to pre-string the beads. There are nearly 100 needed for each sock, so I decided it would be easiest to add them all to the yarn before I cast on, rather than working them in with a crochet hook as we get to the beaded stitches. I’m liking having the beads as a weight on the yarn as I work the socks two-at-a-time. But, as I started to pre-string the beads, my hand slipped, and 190 of the 200 beads fell to the floor. Oh, yes. Fortunately, it was in a confined space, as I was sitting at my computer desk. There is enough clutter around, and the floor is carpeted, so the beads didn’t roll very far. I then beaded them directly from the pile of beads on the floor. What a sight that must have been!

I believe I posted yesterday that I bought a laptop, too. At long last, the prices came down to a level I can justify for the features I wanted. It’s an HP, a brand I trust. I’m still getting familiar with the operating system (Windows 7), but so far I’m liking it. I’ve gotten very accustomed to working on a laptop since I got one for work about a year ago. That work laptop has been put to a lot of personal use since it’s so convenient, but it’s time I stop using the company property for personal use to such an extent. Most of my personal documents are on the external hard drive, so it’s not too hard to make the break. Plus, I’ve just purchased a cable that will enable me to access my old desktop system’s hard drive from the laptop via a USB connection. Now that is technological advancement! And the acquisition of this cable was the final piece that helped me justify the laptop purchase.

Enough rambling for one day. I will part now with a photo of the latest piece in my upcoming travel adventures preparations. In June I am planning a long weekend in Washington, DC. In anticipation of that visit, I bought a couple day passes to ride the Metro during my stay. I’ve also put in a request with my U.S. House representative to schedule a tour of the White House and the U.S. Capitol. More on that to follow…

Knit on.