Indeed, it was a very busy weekend for me. It started Friday when I left work at lunchtime to enjoy a little bit of ME time during the day. I ran a couple errands, but the highlight of the afternoon was our Knit Knite group’s tour of the Knit Picks distribution center in Grove City. The facility handles processing and shipping orders for and two other craft supply web sites (Connecting Threads and The Artist’s Club), all owned by the Crafts Americana Group.

The tour was fantastic. That probably sounds silly, that we were giddy about getting to see a warehouse with row upon row of shelving units full of boxes. But they were boxes full of yarny goodness. Liz repeatedly said she felt like she was in third grade on a field trip. And Jackie just had an ear-to-ear grin the entire time, eyes wide open. We got a sneak peek at some of the new stuff that will be released this spring, and we even got to place orders that were picked and packed on-site, so we could take it with us. The icing on the event, though, was the box of goodies. Everyone got to select one of the discontinued kits to take home. We managed to snap a group photo before we headed out, and even talked our guides (Cara & Andrea) into getting in the photo. (Hmm – didn’t even think to mention putting Cara’s dog in the shot…)

The Group

By the time I got home from this adventure, I was exhausted. Still, I did a bit of knitting on my peacock shawl. But I went to bed pretty early. After all, Saturday was the first Saturday of the month. I got up bright and early to trek up to the Columbus Zoo to get updated on the happenings there. The lion cubs have grown a lot in the past four weeks. And I got a brief glimpse of the bonobo baby that was born this past week. Mama Susie was a bit protective, so the views were very restricted (the nose, mostly, and a quick shot of an ear…).

The real treat I got on this visit was at the Wolverine habitat. This was the first time I got to see more than one of the beasties in the enclosure. They don’t stop moving it seems, though there were a few pauses in the action from time to time. I was very amused to learn, while listening to the audio narrative about this animal, that the scientific name for the Wolverine (Gulo gul) translates literally to “glutton glutton.” So greedy that they named it twice! That should bring a smile to the face of any Buckeye or Spartan.

Gulo gulo (snicker, snicker)

After my zoo adventure, I drove to Dublin to visit with friends for a while. This visit went a little longer than I’d planned, so I got a late start on Iron Knitter Round Four. The pattern was announced just after 2 p.m., and I cast on just after 4 p.m. followed by a night of rabid knitting. This pattern is a lovely detailed design by a Dutch designer, but the detail takes time to execute. By the time I went to bed Saturday night, I was not quite through the first pattern repeat.

Sunday morning I got up a little early in hopes of knitting some before church. When I got home from church, I had one complete pattern repeat with several more to follow. I continued to work diligently on my socks, but alas, one of my teammates is much faster than me – she posted her finished pair of socks at about midnight Sunday night. As for me, I took a bit of a break when my son came over to visit. He is home on Spring Break, so he came to spend the night. We shared news from our respective worlds, and that was excellent. He rode with me to the car wash so I could de-saltify my car…it’s so pretty now! When we got home, we watched Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, followed by an episode of Bones (I have the series collection released to date). At that point I was about four rows shy of turning the heels, but I needed to get to bed. The heels will come tonight, and I may finish the socks before falling asleep…depending on how late I can keep my eyes open!

Sokken geïnspireerd door de Heilige Geest

(the caption shows my name for this pair of socks…written in Dutch, it translates to Socks Inspired by the Holy Spirit, referring to the flame-like red shades in my hand-dyed sock yarn that remind me of Pentecost)

Knit on.