Sunday night…I was watching tonight’s episodes of Life on the Discovery Channel. Oprah Winfrey is narrating this 11-part series showing life around the globe, mostly spotlighting animals from all the orders. Tonight’s first show was all about mammals, featuring never-before-captured footage of a mating swim for a humpback whale. The photography in this series, as you can imagine is incredible. I’m definitely wishing I had an HDTV to be able to fully appreciate the quality of the video as well as the material being captured. Even a larger screen would add to the experience. But alas, it’s not yet in the budget. I keep watching the sales, and saving my pennies.

Yesterday I went with friends to see a showing of Back to the Future at the Arena Grand theater. Mind you, I saw this movie when it was originally released in theaters in 1985. And from the moment the film started, it’s quite evident that no restoration attempts were made on this material. There was even an entire line cut due to splicing. Still, it was so neat to take myself back in time to my senior year in high school, seeing Michael J. Fox at the upswell in his career, and oh, the 80’s hair! Yep. And I still love to see Huey Lewis in those giant glasses and plaid pants (with a striped tie – eek!).

Today was a heavy knitting day, to make up for yesterday’s miscellaneous activities, too. I started Saturday morning with a visit to the Columbus Zoo with a friend, as we went to recognize Beco the Elephant’s first birthday, and watch the lion cubs bouncing around the yard, too. The first stop, though, (as usual) was to the tiger enclosure. Foli didn’t disappoint. Still, there were quite a few people coming to the zoo for the celebration, so the kids descended upon the plate-glass window, stealing my quiet time with the big cat. I’m trying not to be bitter about it… 😉

Anyway, lots of knitting projects coming up. I still have to block my peacock shawl this week, since I finished knitting it just in time for the next Sock Wars SIPs to arrive in my mail. There are six warriors remaining, and my death socks are finally in the works. I’m hoping my assassin receives her death socks before she finishes mine. Then the Postal Service becomes my friend…I hope! I’m very excited to see how that war turns out…

Alright, I’m winding down after a long day. Hopefully I can get back on track blogging about my adventures. There are many fun activities planned for the coming months. My passport application has been sent in, so that will expand my opportunities all the more!

Knit on.