Okay, so it’s not a Bangles hit song, nor is it even a hip phrase. Actually, it may not even be a good thing. But I am very excited by the events of the day today. It started off life a pretty standard work day. I was stunned to see that gas prices jumped 21 cents from yesterday morning – of course, it will take two weeks for them to come back down the same amount.

The work day wasn’t too bad, though I had to field a number of problems in my role as help desk support. They weren’t simple problems, either. They were ones that took actual thought and, well, work. Fortunately (for everyone) I was able to solve the problems during the course of the day. And for some folks this happened sooner rather than later. 😉

About lunchtime, though, is when things started to pick up. My newly ordered wireless router was delivered. I bought an Asus router through a questionable source back in December, and I never managed to get an internet connection with the darn thing. Granted, I didn’t invest a lot of time trying to get technical support to resolve the issue. Then again, the documentation seemed to indicate that wouldn’t be necessary. Alas, three months had passed and I was still tethered to my modem. But today hopefully that status would no longer be quo thanks to this unassuming box from NewEgg.com.

While surfing the net during the end of my lunch break, I happened upon an e-mail advertising the latest and greatest sales at RitzCamera.com. I’ve checked out their deals repeatedly over the last few years, though at most I may have purchased a memory card from them. I do love their links to articles about photography though. So I scan every e-mail completely. This time, a new ad caught my eye: UsedCamerasOnly.com. Hmm. I’ve been scanning ad upon ad…er, ad nauseum, looking for a DSLR to upgrade from my current Nikon. Granted, I love this camera, but now there are two reasons to change: 1) the guywho gave it to me as a gift two Christmases ago  broke up with me, which has left me emotionally spent; and 2) I’m really having fun improving on my photography skills and discovering that the lower megapixel count this camera has (6MP) is actually noticeable. My Nikon D-40 was lightyears ahead in many ways compared to my trusty Kodak EasyShare Z612 – except that the Kodak has a slightly higher resolution at its best setting. (And with my 8GB memory cards, I prefer to use the best!)

As friends have encouraged me to dabble even further in this hobby of mine (it gets me outside, which knitting doesn’t tend to do…), I’ve been yearning for something bigger and better but without significant change. After all, I’ve learned a lot about the Nikon, and I’ve got a hefty supply of SD memory cards! So I was looking to stay in the Nikon family. I’d been pricing a couple options, but hadn’t found a price I could justify. Until today. This site offers used equipment (with condition clearly stated in the ad) of notable quality. And basic FedEx shipping is free. Well, if free is good, faster is better. So I sprung for 2-day shipping and ordered this handy-dandy 10MP camera. I received confirmation from the seller that the item has shipped, and FedEx is promising to have it in my hands by 7PM on Friday. I’m hoping they get it here sooner, but that’s just cuz I’m impatient.

I have just one more techie gadget to procure and I’ll have the trifecta. The other photographic goodie I’m seeking is a teleconverter to increase the zoom capabilities of my telephoto lens. That will give me the ability to get even closer to the action, and closer to those beasties I love to photograph so much. In fact, I have my monthly First Saturday visit to the zoo coming up this Saturday, so I’d be super-geeked up if I could bring new toys to put to use on that adventure.

So here I am, enjoying my wi-fi (though I have yet to actually move the laptop to the living room couch…that will come later…after dinner), and dreaming of all the amazing photos I will be taking this year.

Oh, and I also managed to land my fourth kill today in Sock Wars V. Karola in AZ received her death sox in the mail. There are four warriors still standing, but I hear that my death is imminent as my death sox have been sent. They’re coming from Canada, though, so I could hope against hope that they take an interminably long time getting to me. There are two other completed pairs of death sox also in the mail heading toward their respective targets, and one package of socks-in-progress that allegedly is heading from Canada to California. If they reach their destination before I die, they’ll be heading my way. Otherwise, their intended target will be declared the winner of the games. I’ll be thrilled to claim my title as Last Knitter Standing – Eastern US, but to be declared Last Knitter Standing overall would be phenomenal. Time will tell…

Knit on.