I can’t believe how quickly time is rushing past. It seems I barely have a chance to take a breath. Granted, I’m knitting at a breakneck pace, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. Today I would really like time to take a rest and slow down so I can enjoy the wonder that is Easter.

Well, I do have another motive for wishing time to ritard a bit. This morning I will be spending time with my son and his girlfriend. This is something I don’t get much of these days. I’ve hardly seen Matt at all this year. And our vacation still a ways off on the calendar.

The weekend so far has been very nice. The weather was amazing for Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Our Good Friday service at church Friday night was draining though (the challenges of being empathic). Holy Saturday was also the first Saturday of April, so I made my regular visit to the Columbus Zoo. I had some unusual encounters there, in and around the families that were attending the “Eggs, Paws & Claws” Easter event.

For instance, I captured a series of shots at the Cougar environment. Kali, the 17-year-old (standard life span: 20 years), was being very kittenish with a watermelon, batting it around like a ball. There were also some special moments with the red pandas, the gorillas, and of course, the lions. The family was out in one yard while Kazi was off by herself in the other. I shot nearly 600 photos on the day.

Kali the Cougar

In knitting news, I finished up the Pretty Pink Butterflies on Friday and immediately cast on for some Spring Swans. Pictures to follow. Time to get ready for church…

Knit on.