Wow, it’s been quite some time since I last posted a blog! I suppose that means I’m spending my time living, eh? And I guess that’s true, too. The last thing I thought about blogging was about my experience at Fitness Boot Camp. I had penned several paragraphs in my mind, thinking I’d post it soon. And then the days kept flying by. Work has kept my weekdays full of activity. And my weekends have been equally full – to the point that I am now in desperate need of the laundromat. Tomorrow afternoon should provide that opportunity, but not before I drive to church in New Albany and on to Canal Winchester, then to Powell! I’m volunteering for the Franklin County Animal Shelter at their “Find Your Best Friend at the Zoo” event. I get to escort one of the adoptable dogs to the zoo to see if his/her new family will step up to the challenge.

Let’s see…last weekend I took to the stage at a small community theater in Hilliard for a one-night event called “Got Talent?” My rendition of Heart’s “Dog & Butterfly” received compliments from several people. I enjoyed being part of a cast, too, as I made a couple new friends between our lone rehearsal and the production. Musically, we are also continuing to rehearse for the church concert next Sunday. The line-up has changed slightly in the past month, and my guitar skills will be factoring more prominently, so I’m really excited about that. The music is sure to be outstanding, and I’ve recruited a fair number of friends to come out and see us.

Today held an all-new adventure for Matt and me. Last night, after a screening of Iron Man 2, we travelled northwest to Norwalk, Ohio, and today we spent the better part of the day there at the Summit Motorsports Park, better known as a race track, and more specifically a drag strip. We saw all kinds of vehicles do wacky stuff. We didn’t stick around for the rocket-powered cars, though I know that would have been really cool! But we saw a couple of the cars on display as we made our way to the exit. Lots of photos, but this one is my favorite…

Knit on.