Wow – it has truly been ages since I last posted to my blog. I don’t have a lot of time to write now either, but since it looks like I still have friends checking in to see what I’m up to, here goes.

This has been a very busy summer for me with changes happening pretty much constantly. Right now I’m in the transition period at work, having been “let go” from the consulting business for budgetary reasons. But fear not, I’m not out of a job by any means. In fact, my career may take off following this change. I’ve been working part-time within the company as a systems support staffer, primarily as “tier 2” help desk support for our legacy proprietary programs. Additionally, I’ve been assisting the quality assurance (QA) folks with testing pending updates to one of our new in-house programs. In the past year I also helped write training materials, and even co-conducted a training session in the Columbus office for select individuals from our offices throughout the region.

Becoming a full-time Retirement Technology Group employee means that I won’t be torn between the support work and billable client work. Plus, my career in the Retirement Consulting business has always been hindered by my inability to pass actuarial exams. I’ve learned a great deal in my 10+ years in the company, and they have certainly benefited from that. But the technical element to our work has always been my greatest strength, and now is my chance to truly shine.

I also did a fair amount of traveling in the past few months. Matt & I flew to Colorado in late May to spend a week with my brother & sis-in-law in Colorado Springs (COS). We did quite a bit in our eight days there, including ascending Pikes Peak, horseback riding in the Garden of the Gods, an up-close encounter with wolves, touring one of the US Olympic Training Centers, and visiting zoos in COS and Denver. Add to that a street festival, a baseball game, a dog agility competition and observing a training exercise for USAF Academy cadets who are learning to parachute. That all adds up to several thousand photographs, naturally. Once I have some down time, I will assemble some digital scrapbook layouts to share.

But there are so many more photos to share! Because I also participated in a Relay for Life event with friends, attended a big knitting convention in town, and then spent a whirlwind weekend in Washington, DC…which produced a couple thousand more pictures and some incredible memories. And the hits just keep on coming. So, in a modification of the Home Depot tag line, I’m spending less time writing and more time doing. Still, I enjoy reflecting on what I have seen and done and experienced. Ultimately I should document what I’ve learned along the way.

Now I’m getting ready for my son to return to college. This fall there will be more travels on my schedule as I follow the school’s cross-country team to their meets. I’m taking a cruise to the Caribbean later in the year, and I’m getting very excited about that. In the knitting realm, I’ve started an afghan as a wedding gift, and started another as a gift for my brother & sis-in-law. With his retirement coming up, that may end up being a Christmas gift. Iron Knitter will be starting up soon, and I’ve also cast on a shawl that looks promising as cruise attire. Another shawl KAL is slated to start about the same time as Iron Knitter. Socks and shawls are the buzz words for the season, I suppose. And we’ll also have to see what kinds of adventures my new role at work will provide! So stay tuned for more ruminations.

Knit on.