Well, I haven’t made much progress on that transformation goal, but I am being more conscious about my food choices. And I’ve made deliberate decisions to park my car well away from my destination so that I can get more walking in. As further incentive to get moving, I’ve registered to participate in the HeartWalk in Columbus next weekend. It’s only a three mile course, starting in the Arena District, but it can make a difference both as a fundraiser and as more physical activity for me.

This is just one of many activities in my weekend schedule. There have been some Saturdays this summer I’m amazed I’ve not collapsed from the effort. Back on the first Saturday of August, I made my “ritual” visit to the Columbus Zoo.  It was a wonderful visit where I snapped a bunch of great photos. But because of my schedule, I had to consciously limit my time – which meant I didn’t get to Australia or the Islands. That’s okay, it was worth it. Leaving the zoo I “raced” home (after that speeding ticket in June, I don’t really race anywhere!), to shower and dress for the rest of the day.

That was my first of three showers, as my agenda took me next to a bridal shower near Bexley for the daughter of a friend from my faith community. Carrie will be married in Bowling Green on September 4. The party started with lunch, which is good, because I don’t know that I could’ve squeezed a meal into the schedule. I enjoyed visiting with the women, and I even managed to win the first shower game. Then, I had to leave as she was getting ready to open her gifts, so I could make it to Westerville for another bridal shower.

Kristin is one of the ladies from my knitting group in Gahanna. I had told a friend that I’d be late to this event, but I did my best to get there as soon as I could. The party started at 2, and I made it into the driveway by 2:30. Yay! It turned out I missed one of the games, which amused me. We played a second game, then had cake, followed by gifts. I was able to stay for the whole event, but finally I had to take my leave to scoot out to New Albany for church.

The director of our folk group also has responsibility to lead the music one Saturday each month, so I assist her by playing guitar and singing. And this particular Saturday we were without an accompanist on the piano. This doesn’t phase me to sing without piano, as this is the first parish I’ve played in where we had both instruments at the same time. It turned out that I cantored the psalm, which was a nice plus. Once Mass was finished, my schedule was complete. I felt good about meeting every one of my expectations for the day, and then some. The next day was similarly jam-packed, as I had our regular Sunday Mass, followed by a visit with a friend in Johnstown. Matt was moving to his dorm room on campus, so I trekked out to Springfield to help him. Then it was back to Columbus to catch my flight to Chicago for a visit to our office in Deerfield, Illinois. Again, everything went smoothly as I’d managed expectations – couldn’t visit with my friend as long as I’d have liked. But I enjoyed the visit nonetheless!

I’m hoping my schedule will settle down a bit as we get into Fall and the cross-country & football seasons. But then, I’m also making efforts to meet guys through Match.com (gulp). So perhaps there will be dates in my not-too-distant future… crossing my fingers on that (figuratively, as it’s hard to knit with crossed fingers!).

I’ll leave you with a digital layout of zoo pics from that crazy day. Knit On.

Credits in the layout…paper by Jesse Edwards, hand-drawn grid by Ali Edwards, alphabet by Kathryn Estry, journaling spot by Katie Pertiet. Fonts: RooAGB (my personal handwriting font) and Rockwell Extra Bold. Made in PSE8.