The knitting frenzy is on…and I expect it to last at least until the end of November. I have been involved for over a year in a number of groups on the website, but this year has been a particularly active one. Now that I have signed on to the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) group, it’s kicking my knitting into overdrive. 😀

Iron Knitter 2 also started on September 1. The first season for this competition was fun for me, but my efforts couldn’t seem to get me past the #4 spot in the finishers. It didn’t help that I had other obligations where I couldn’t knit. I still have that, since I can’t knit while playing guitar at church. But my change in work responsibilities now presents some flexibility so I can get a little knitting time in during the work day. When round one started, I was all excited. Then, as the day after the pattern release wore on and no one posted finished socks, I was startled somewhat. I kept knitting, maintaining a fairly decent pace. After I turned both heels, I started watching the ‘finished photos’ thread closely, expecting someone to beat me to it. Once I started on the toes, I didn’t want to know. The socks were finally finished, 53 hours after I’d cast on. It took me a few minutes to hunt down my sock blockers, then I set up the shot and took my Finished Pair picture. I was truly amazed that there still were no completed socks posted! I was the first to finish Round One (of Six).

Once I had a few minutes to breathe, I went back to the list of competitors and finally realized that the uber-knitters of IK1 weren’t competing. Wow – I might actually have a shot at the title this time. That, of course, is assuming that we don’t have any sandbaggers in the group, leisurely knitting along, giving me a false sense of security. Time will tell, but I’ll keep knitting as best I can and as quickly as my schedule allows. And in the end I should have six lovely pairs of socks. I was also glad that I could count this pair of socks toward a ‘class assignment’ in the HPKCHC.

While waiting for the Round One pattern to be released on 9/1, I did cast on another pair of socks. This pair is for the Sock Knitters Anonymous (SKA) group. I have another pair of socks nearly finished, and I also had some work left to do on my After Hours Shawl, so my holiday weekend was split between these two projects. The socks are a very portable project, so they accompanied me to Dayton for the cross country meet there. But once I was home, I could focus on the beaded border for the shawl. It’s been finished, washed and blocked, and now it waits for a special occasion to wear it. I do have a few of those coming up, so I’m glad to have a special shawl to mark the occasions…

At last I cast on for the second Peacock Shawl. This one will be knit in two colors, held together throughout the project. It’s for a friend who requested it, and I’ve also received approval to complete this as an O.W.L. task in the HPKCHC, so I can earn mucho points for my efforts. Hopefully I can finish it before Thanksgiving, in and around the next five IK rounds, among other things.

In the meantime, there are more socks to knit, and I’m thinking through the setup to make a sleeve for my laptop, a cardigan sweater, and I can continue working on the afghans I’ve already started. Oh, and I have a few Christmas stockings to knit for another friend who ordered them last year…something else to get done before November. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting…

Knit On.