Okay, that is a word I always associate with Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Still, the word serves its purpose quite nicely, though when I utter it, I am compelled to raise one eyebrow. Today a lot of things fascinate me. Heck, it sure beats working! I was taking a break from the work and happened upon a friend’s blog post. Earlier today, I read an article in Woman’s World magazine describing how a woman cleared 500 pounds of clutter from her house last year, and blogging about it helped give her the encouragement to keep up the efforts.

Why is it that we are so fascinated by what other people have to say about their lives? Twitter is something I don’t think I could ever get into. That’s just WAY too much information that doesn’t really matter to me. I like to check out friends’ Facebook posts, as it’s a way to find out what’s going on in their lives, or at least the events in their lives that they’re comfortable sharing with their known universe.

One of my friends recently posted on Facebook the question: how many of your FB friends do you actually know? I admit, I do have a handful of FB “friends” who are more realistically acquaintances, but I can identify how I know each and every one of those 368 people. And there are plenty of other people in my life who either aren’t savvy enough to sign up or aren’t interested in what the site has to offer. Still, I’m grateful for the site enabling me to connect with long-lost friends, neighbors, and even family members.

I’ve got some fun adventures planned for the year ahead, so please stay tuned. Note that I don’t share my travel plans until they’re completed, but I’ll be spending time in at least three different time zones this year, and possibly making visits to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Check back again sometime soon, and hopefully I’ll be sharing some fun stories of people, places and whatever else happens to come up!