I’ve been drafting this post all week, so it’s about time I quit monkeying around and just post it already! I was so glad to have a three-day weekend, and then it occurred to me: how often do we look to these holidays as an excuse to do whatever we want because we don’t have to be at work? I remember, too, when our company changed the holiday schedule to add Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Presidents’ Day, and we resented this change. It meant we lost two personal days to use whenever we chose to. Boy, aren’t we self-centered?? These federal holidays aren’t like Hallmark holidays (Sweetest Day, Grandparents’ Day) that are promoted full-force by the greeting card industry. Seriously – have you ever received a Presidents’ Day card? These newer holidays, along with Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day, were instituted by our nation’s leaders to honor those who have given all their energy, and in many cases their very lives in support of the ideals this country was founded on.

In honor of Presidents’ Day, while I wanted to take advantage of “bonus” knitting time, I multi-tasked by watching a couple PBS two-part documentaries. One was all about President Harry Truman, of whom I knew startlingly little before watching the show. The other was a Ken Burns biography of Thomas Jefferson. Since I had done a lot of reading before, during and after my trip to Washington, DC last summer, there was a great deal about our nation’s third President that I already knew. This biography, as all Ken Burns shows do, gave explicit detail and information from others’ viewpoints, so naturally I did learn a bit more about the author of the Declaration of Independence. These two shows have inspired me to want to see much more on my next visit to the capitol, hopefully this summer.

Another key goal I had for the three-day weekend was to get some real rest. The previous weekend I had spent in Pittsburgh, primarily to attend the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. This three-day adventure was fabulous, and quite the whirlwind. I met a co-worker and his family for dinner on Friday, took a couple insightful classes on knitting techniques, and made several wonderful new friends. Sunday was the busiest day of all, though, starting with 7:30 Mass (sadly, without music) followed by a photo-filled visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo (tiger cubs – awesome!). I returned to the convention area for lunch, another stop at the festival’s marketplace, including a photo op for Skippy Jon Jones with celebrity guest Steven Be, and one final class. Then I had to buckle down and drive home. All this activity, while lots of fun, truly wore me out. It honestly took me all week to recover. Note to self: take the day off after such a busy weekend! So I was grateful for the opportunity to sleep in on two of the three days, though I was still up and about to complete my chores well before noontime on Saturday.

My next big adventure will be the week-long vacation at Hilton Head Island, but that’s still a few months away. In the meantime, I have a weekend retreat to prepare for, a wedding gift to finish knitting, a number of smaller knitting projects to get through (courtesy of online challenges in the Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup and Nerd Wars, among others), my monthly zoo trips, and who knows what else God has planned for me! My brain is rather jumbled with all these prospects, so perhaps my next weekend will be spent sorting out my schedule and prioritizing…or maybe I’ll just do my laundry and knit!

Knit on.