It’s been close to forever since my last post, and I realized I’d been composing and re-composing in my head for so long that I’ve nearly forgotten what I originally wanted to share!

In May I took a wonderful vacation trip with friends to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It was an interesting “experiment” as a girls’ getaway with an interesting amalgamation of personalities & interests. The whole adventure began with a recommendation to my scrapbooking friend, Tammy, who is also a rabid avid golfer, to check out a friend’s villa on HHI. I’d been there a few years ago, so I could easily recommend the vacation. Tammy loved the idea, and instead of following my (silent) train of thought regarding a family vacation, she decided it would be perfect for a girls’ getaway. And so the planning fun began. We each extended invitations to friends to try to fill the 6 sleeping spaces. Splitting the cost 5-6 ways meant it was a fantastic deal, and Tammy suggested we book the week of her birthday.

The week was chock full of wonderful memories. Our final entourage included Tammy and me, my knitting-friend Liz, Tammy’s golfing-buddy Sondra, and Sondra’s mom, Chris. The five of spent a fair amount of time together all week long, dining out together most evenings. We all went to the spa on our first day to get pedicures (photo worthy!). We took a beautiful sunset dolphin-watching cruise, and drank several different wines and beers, among other things. There were alligators and anhingas in our backyard, and squirrels. Lots of squirrels.

I still have to sift through all the photos from the week-long adventure. I shot nearly 1600 images, and of those there should be at least 600 “really good” pictures. Scrapbook to follow!

Since returning home, though, it’s been back to business-as-usual with life and work and the every day. I’ve had an increasing number of crying spells, and more than a handful of depression dips. But I have more adventures to look forward to in the coming months. My son will turn (gasp!) twenty years old next month, so I’m bracing myself for that. 😉 And there’s always knitting – lots and lots of kitting – to do. And yet somehow I’ve still managed to chew my fingernails down to nothing. What’s up with that???

Since the grind is still moving along, I’d best get back to it. I’ve got a knitting lunch today, so I need to finish up some work first…

Knit on.