Wow. Here we are on the evening of July 17, 2011. I’m stunned by how quickly the year is just whizzing by. Today is a good day for longer-term reflection, though, as my son celebrated his twentieth birthday. Last night as I was heading home from an evening of entertainment & fun (saw Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows: Part II, then hung out with friends at Fado’s at Easton), it took no effort to think back to the night of July 16th, 1991, when I walked into Doctor’s North hospital near campus. My life changed dramatically the next morning, and I have felt so very blessed ever since.

Matt came to my house this morning, and we ventured to Gahanna together to have lunch with my parents. He’s been telling me for a few months that this was not an eagerly anticipated birthday, as he’s sad to no longer be a teenager, but being under 21, the age doesn’t seem to mean a whole lot. Still, it’s the conclusion of his first two decades of life, and I think he has a great deal to show for it. I’m certainly proud of the man he has become.

Last week I spent the work week in Deerfield, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. It was a business trip, and there was a lot of work to be done. The first half of the week was spent in training, while the second half was devoted to testing. The whole week, though, offered a unique opportunity to spend quality time with my colleagues. Since I joined this global team, where more than half of my “immediate peers” work remotely, this was my first opportunity to meet a few of these colleagues in person. Four of us traveled from other offices/locations: Toronto, Charlotte (NC), Eugene (OR) and Columbus (OH). The only staffer who did not attend is a woman in Princeton, NJ, who has been recovering from surgery. I managed to meet her last year while I was on the East Coast. While our team talks regularly via conference calls, everyone present in our sessions agreed that “face time” goes a long way to foster the team atmosphere. We’re hoping that management will continue to grant us these opportunities going forward.

While the week was productive, it certainly took a lot out of me. I did manage to work in knitting throughout the week, but my energy was definitely drained regularly. Being in a social group from breakfast through late dinner was taxing on my “intraversion” process (see Myers-Briggs info about this: In the future, I will have to keep this in mind and carve out more time by myself so I can recharge during the trip.

When I returned from Deerfield, I continued to knit on the birthday shawls I have in progress, but I also whipped out a cute little Golden Snitch in honor of the weekend’s movie release. This project also satisfied a crafting challenge in the Nerd Wars competition, so that’s a plus. Now I need to continue recharging in anticipation of the coming work week…

Knit On.