I’m a little stunned that we’re already into the fourth day of February, 2012. I had actually started mulling over draft ideas for this post way back at the end of December 2011. Life is just speeding along at its break-neck pace, and I’m just doing what I can to keep up. Still, I’m excited at the prospect of a number of adventures on the horizon for me in this year.

First, I’m already quite entrenched in a musical production. Back in October I auditioned for the Gahanna Community Theatre to be cast in Mame. This is my first musical production since the Broadway-style shows I was in back at Nationwide in the late ’90s, and my first Broadway stage musical since moving to Ohio more than thirty years ago (ack!). When I was preparing for my audition, I realized I hadn’t actually done something like that since last century!!! I was thrilled, and a little stunned, to be cast as a named character, having almost exclusively playing only “chorus member” throughout high school. But, this new challenge was all I’d hoped it would be and more.

I’ve forged some new friendships along the way, ones I hope will last for a long time. And this should mark the start of a new phase in my life where I am back on stage on a more regular basis. My only stage appearances in the past decade have been in Patron Talent Shows hosted by Shadowbox Live, which were more than enough to satisfy my craving for the spotlight during the era when being a mom was a major aspect of my life. My son, though, has become quite entrenched in his academic world with his fraternity brothers, so our interaction is extremely limited.

Of course, I still haven’t said much about my thoughts on this post’s title. As 2011 was drawing to a close, I had taken stock of all I accomplished as a knitter in that calendar year. I still want to put together a display to share the many shawls/scarves/stoles I knit as gifts for some of the special women in my life, but I have one birthday shawl still to bestow upon its recipient. Once she has the gift, I’ll do the big reveal. With the new year, though, I have new knitting goals and plans. It’s interesting to note that in the online community of Ravelry.com, the concept of destashing has become a rather hefty topic within a whole slew of groups. Some people have resolved only to knit from their stash this year, which will save them money as well as clear up some of the space in their homes that is currently occupied by yarn. A couple people have indicated their goal is to not increase their stash any further during the year, so as they use up some yarn, they can buy more.

With 2011 having been the Year of the Shawl, I decided that 2012 would be the Year of the Sweater. I have set a goal to knit six sweater garments this year, and at least three of them would utilize yarn I already have on hand. The first garment for the year is a Fair Isle sweater vest for which I purchased a kit two years ago. This project qualifies as my “Potions O.W.L.” in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup I had mentioned in a previous post. Later this year I also want to knit the Central Park Hoodie, which is something of an icon in the knitting world, and this would also qualify as an O.W.L.

I’m also working plenty of sock pairs and shawls into the mix. In January, I managed to complete three pairs of socks and a shawl, and nearly finished a fourth pair of socks. I also cast on the Corrie Fair Isle Vest – completing 45% of the piece by the end of the month. February has already been dominated by socks, as I’m 60% complete on two different pairs that were begun on the first. I’ve also got a hooded shawl in the works, which is my Order of the Phoenix Mission, so it’s slated to be completed by late March. Once these socks are done, I have two quick shawls to knit up, and probably at least one other pair of socks. Indeed, my needles will only be idle during the work day and – during the show, when I’m on stage or getting ready to go on stage. šŸ˜‰

In other adventures, I’m planning a trip to Colorado to visit a friend I met in Portland last year. My anticipation is barely contained as I’ve started planning that trip! Later in the summer, I will also be returning to southern Oregon to see more of that gorgeous state and visit more with my aunt & uncle. I’m also hoping to head east to see my brother & sister-in-law at some point, perhaps along with my son. That’ll take some creative scheduling, I’m sure. But with Matt’s landmark birthday this summer (gasp! my baby turns 21!!), I’d like to manage a short vacation trip with him.

Dreams are just a little too “out there” for me to feel comfortable sharing them with this online world. Almost like birthday wishes, if I tell you, then I’m afraid it won’t come true. Plus, if everyone knows what I’m hoping for and it doesn’t happen, I’ll feel all the more a fool. šŸ˜‰ Just know that I have them. And I am making efforts to evaluate the dreams that should become reality so I can transform them into goals & plans.

In the meantime, I’m taking Mame’s line as one of my goals this year: “to live, live, LIVE!” Though perhaps it should be modified a bit… “to knit, knit, KNIT!”

Knit on.