At long last I got a very good solid night of sleep, despite the accidental alarm awakening at 6AM. It’ll still take me at least a week to truly rest up from this past week’s excitement and activity. Having a day off after the close of a weekend like this, though, is absolutely essential. For one thing, it helps me postpone returning to the “real world” of work and such. This transition day also gives me a chance to embrace the experience one last time before packing it up in the treasure chest of memories. I know I’ll be able to revisit again, but like with dreams, the vivid intensity of the experience fades far too quickly. And while we can recapture some of the same feelings through reunions and such, and future show casts, this precise combination of people and characters and experiences are truly unique.

Still, you never forget your “first time,” and with this being my inaugural production with GCT, it will always hold a special place in my heart. And as I’ve contemplated the unique opportunity I had, I’m amazed. Being cast in this particular role as Sally Cato, gave me a nearly-ultimate position within the cast. It’s a small enough role that I was also able to be a part of the chorus, so I could get to know this wonderful group that is the core of the community theater. I also got to share a scene with our show’s namesake character and her darling Beau, as well as the company’s amazing producer, Char, and the youngest member of the cast, Alex. But, because my character storms off the stage right before the show’s biggest song-and-dance number, I got to meet and chat with most of the principles in the cast who weren’t a part of that scene and song. And to top off all of that, the first night of choreography for Mame, from which I was excused, was also the night of my women’s group’s annual holiday dinner. So, while I was committed to the show and determined not to miss any practices if at all possible, I didn’t have to miss this night of fellowship with my women’s group.

All that being said, Sally Cato was a somewhat difficult role for me to undertake. This character’s experience as Beau has fallen in love with Mame, hits very close to home for me, as the love of my life not too long ago walked away from our relationship, then met another woman and married her. The emotions this scene stirred up are still rather raw, though I’ve been trying to process them as best I can over time. Thankfully, God has placed many blessings in my life to mitigate the pain, and I’ve done a lot to derail my tendency to dwell on the hurt. So when I would storm off stage at the end of my scene, I actually stomped out a bit of that negative emotion. And I could smile as soon as I entered the stage wing, then enjoy the respite of being a spectator for the big song-and-dance production number.

Another emotional moment for me was the scene with Young Patrick and Mame when he sings “My Best Girl.” Alex even sounds a lot like my son did at that age. My son will always be my best beau, and I hope he knows that. Matt came to the show for opening night, and afterward I asked him which scene/song he thought was my favorite. This was what he picked. Indeed, he knows me all too well. 😉

Now that the show has closed, I am preparing to move on to the next thing on my schedule. This week we begin team formation for the Women’s 146th Cum Christo weekend which will be held in late April. I have been called to be the musician for the team, and this will be my second time to have this honor. Many blessings will surely follow. And I can continue with the knitting projects in my queue. I am working on finishing the pair of socks that I cast on during final dress rehearsal on Thursday. This was my sole knitting project throughout the weekend, though I wasn’t able to finish them by the end of the cast party yesterday. They remain a high priority for me, but now I can intersperse my stitching time with the other projects. After all, I want to finish up the two shawls I have in process, plus I need to finish the hood on the hooded shawl and get to the midpoint of my fair isle sweater vest.

First, I am going to get my hair cut and bake some cookies for a children’s retreat this weekend. Oh, and there’s still laundry to do. Indeed, the real world is already creeping back into my life. Can’t I put it off just a few more hours?? Meanwhile, the lyrics of “Gooch’s Song” keep running through my head. Time for me to live, live, live!!!!!!!!!

Knit on.