Indeed, it may take me a few weeks (months, years…) to truly recognize all that is special about this production, the cast & crew. And as I told a friend recently, this definitely marks the beginning of a wonderful friendship. The Gahanna Community Theatre (GCT) is chock full of delightful people with remarkable talent. To consider myself among their ranks is truly an honor.

While I am continuing to ponder all that these past few months with this gang has meant to me, I’ve come up with a list of blessings of sorts. Top Five Gains that resulted from auditioning for Mame (note that the list should be numbered from five down to one, but the automatic numbered bullets won’t work like that):

  1. Five complete pairs of socks, two completed shawls, two partially completed pairs of socks, two partially completed shawls, and almost half a sweater vest. Granted, I probably would have knitted all of this anyway, but it’s always fun to knit away from home, and that includes the GLHS auditorium (or school hallway, as the case may be)
  2. Improved my vocal performance, since I got to since some really high soprano sections. Now that I’m singing alto in the church choir, I don’t work my upper register very often.
  3. Cleared a new acting hurdleby learning lines from a script…a first for me! And the rehearsals really enabled me to improve on my delivery of said lines. I am now learning to develop my instincts with respect to comedy and comedic timing.
  4. A new group of friends who share my love of music and performing (and, in some cases, adult beverages)
  5. Innumerable reasons to thank God yet again for these blessings in my life, and increased awareness to recognize them

Another top gain, though I wasn’t sure where it would fit in rank order, is excitement for the coming year and all that it has to offer. I fully intend to audition for Annie, which is next year’s GCT production, and I’ve already tentatively selected my audition piece. I’m sure I’ll change my mind ten to fifteen times over the next few months, but that’s okay. It’s more music in my life, so that’s a huge plus.

I need to get some sleep now, but I hope to share more thoughts on this experience later. Thankfully Monday is a holiday. Happy Presidents’ Day, all!

Knit On.