At long last, I finally delivered the last of the gift knitting for 2011. A friend’s birthday fell in mid/late December, which made it difficult for us to get together. Then, my schedule was ridiculously hectic with life and musical rehearsals. So on Sunday evening, she finally got to open her gift. And now I can show off the goodies I made last year for family & friends.

I started off with a scarf for Deanna’s birthday in February…

Lothlorien Scarf for Deanna

This was quickly followed by the Sunrise Shawl, which was gifted to Liz in April.

Sunrise Shawl for Liz

This De Colores Scarf was given to the leader of the Cum Christo women’s weekend team I served on in April.

De Colores Scarf for Kathy

This shawlette was birthday gift #3 for my women’s group. It looks wonderful on Julia!

Grace in Red Shawlette for Julia

This Spartan Shawl was a bonus gift for my girlfriend Tammy. We were vacationing in Hilton Head when I handed it to her. It’s one of her prized possessions…

Spartan Shawl for Tammy

This pretty blue shawl was a Mother’s Day gift for my mom. Hopefully she liked it…

Mother's Day Shawl for Mom

And the birthday list continues. Becky celebrated hers in June, and I honored her with this shawlette…

Milkweed Shawlette for Becky

Because I had three October birthdays to plan for in my women’s group, I got an early start on completing theirs. Since Debbie is an avid scrapbooker, I knit her stole using scraps of sock yarn left over from other projects. She loved it, especially when I explained the concept behind it!

The Sock Scrap Stole for Debbie

I had two ideas for Lori’s birthday shawl, and ultimately I went with this uniquely constructed two-color softie.

Laceless for Lori

And the second of the three October gift shawls flew off the needles in September…

Abyssal for Sarah

There were a few non-shawl gifts I knit during the year, including this baby blanket of platypi for a co-worker’s newborn.

Baby Blanket for Baby Battah

The tropical colors and entrelac pattern make this wrap stand out. And Melanie is thrilled with it. Win-win!

Tropical Fusion for Melanie

My sis-in-law is very special to me, and I decided to give her a shawl as well for Christmas.

Seaside Shawl for Sheila

I knit another baby blanket for another new-mommy co-worker. This colleague returned the favor with a photo…my kind of colleague!! 😀

Under the Sea Baby Blanket

For my brother I also knit a Christmas gift…a scarf in the colors of his beloved Dallas Cowboys. The scarf features a stripe sequence applying the Fibonacci sequence.

Cowboys Scarf for Paul

Here is the last-given gift shawl for my women’s group…the Icelandic Lace Shawl, which Anne really loved. Hopefully she’ll put it to use!!

Icelandic Lace Shawl for Anne

Lookie – another birthday scarf. This one features Gryffindor House colors, which Barb had sort of requested. I’ve even seen her wear it. Score!

Gryffindor House Scarf for Barb

We’re almost done here. My son got his annual gift of knitted socks, which he says he enjoys. These feature his fraternity colors, and the presentation highlights our shared love of the TV show Bones.

Booth Delt Socks for Matt

And the last of the birthday shawls was knit in December and presented in January to Claire, our group’s delightful leader.

Haruni for Claire

Knit on.