I have a feeling it’s an issue with my hormone levels, but it’s still frustrating to be hit with a case of weepiness. And when it comes out of the blue like this, it can be difficult to ward off the feelings of sadness. Still, I’m trying. It’s not easy though… since there’s no logical explanation for the overwhelming urge to cry, my mind has a twisted way of seeking an illogical explanation. After all, it makes no sense to be sad for no reason, so my brain finds reasons to be sad. Which really doesn’t help matters.

I’ll admit, I was disappointed by the lack of response I got in reaction to my new handknit vest which made its public debut at church on Easter Sunday. I’d spent a significant part of three months working on this beauty, and I was so excited to show it off. And yet, only two people made any mention of it. For those who missed it, here it is:

I started the project on January 4th and it took until March 30th to complete. I learned a few things while working on this, such as knitting with two colors using two hands, as well as a really cool technique called steeking. The whole color work piece was knit in the round from the bottom waistband up to the shoulders. Then, I cut the yarn at a few places to finish off the armholes and neckline. It’s a really cool technique, and I’ll be using it again. But probably not this year. The Year of the Sweater needs variety so I can finish six garments by year-end.

I have finished the second sweater of 2012, but I have yet to take pictures. This was a test knit, helping out a designer to be sure the instructions are complete and accurate. The resulting cardigan, which I worked up in two colors, will be great fun to wear. I’m planning for the next sweater already, a short sleeved pullover, but I won’t start that until May 1. This month, being “term break” in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup, gives me a bit of respite. That’s not to say I’m not knitting (three pairs of socks and a hooded shawl to finish at this writing), but I’m taking it easy while preparing for the May 1 start of term.

Yeppers, I’ve got another big project planned, which will take me the better part of May, June & July to finish. This will be another amazing shawl, this one with beads to decorate the lacy design. I custom-dyed the yarn to get the color effect I wanted, which is mostly turquoise with some patches of darker blue. And the yarn itself has a lovely sparkle to it to add a bit of glamour.

I have so much to look forward to in the coming months, including a couple birthday celebrations (both mine, lol), the Cum Christo weekend later this month, my vacation trips out West, some really fun knitting projects in the near future…I think I have finally managed to drag myself out of the pit of sadness. At last. Now I can really begin the day and enjoy.

Knit on.