Sadly I don’t have the energy to draft much of a commentary for today. I am grateful for the extra hour of sleep that’s coming tonight, but a little anxious that the insomnia gremlin that’s been pestering me these past couple years may foil my plan. I’ve been coping with a headache most of the day, and while medication curbed it, there’s been a minimum of a dull ache throughout.

The morning began with a bit of knitting, followed by a four-hour stint of work, We released a big update to one of the systems I support, so I logged in to lend a hand at testing some of the updates, also making sure that other things didn’t break in the process. The testing wrapped up about an hour before the start of the Ohio State football game. The contest against Illinois just concluded, with a pleasing 52-22 win for my beloved Buckeyes.

During the course of the game, I managed to be consistently productive with my knitting projects. In fact, right about the time Braxton Miller concluded his efforts for the OSU offense, I bound off a really pretty multi-colored scarf. Tomorrow I have a knitting meet-up with a friend, so I’m hoping to get some good photos of the finished product.

Tonight I am facing a dilemma. There’s a party going on at a friend’s, and I’ve been looking forward to attending the shindig. But this headache is firing up again. The half-time rest didn’t do what I’d hoped. Time to take a couple more Advil and a shower, and see how I feel after that. I’ve got my knitting projects all lined up for tomorrow, so I can keep on keeping my Knit On!