Today was most definitely a very good day. Still, the headache from yesterday carried over a bit and flared up from time to time. I did my best not to let it bring me down. Throughout the day, I’ve been struck with ideas of things to write about. The challenge now is to narrow my focus, as the thoughts are tremendously varied, and often unrelated. Do I want to write another commentary about observations on the world around me? With the election just two days away, I hesitate to wade into those waters! Which reminds me – I’ll be working from home tomorrow so as to avoid the circus in the Arena District, courtesy of the President and his minions (including Bruce Springsteen & Jay-Z).

The Holidays are all-too-quickly approaching, though I’m baffled as to how this has happened, since I thought I just returned home from my mid-August vacation… I suppose the Christmas decorations and music will be hitting the stores this week, if it hasn’t already. One of the local radio stations starts playing Christmas music absurdly early, so I know I’ll be changing my alarm clock’s setting before long. At least one of the online stores has also begun their “Black Friday” sale prices already, too. They’re treating all of November as though it were one very, very, very long Friday. Ha!

Let’s see…what other pet peeves can I harp on? Wait – I was trying to keep up the positive thoughts today. I posted “Five Good Things” on Ravelry this morning. Right after I did that, it stirred a memory from high school. Sophomore year, my biology teacher would award bonus points to students who would write “Positive Mental Attitude” statements in the top margin of our quizzes. I fondly recalled writing some silly but happy thoughts, including a countdown to my birthday that spring. We did several non-biology things in that class, including a reading & study of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People. Perhaps I should dig out my copy. Or is it on my Nook? Hmm.

While the time change has worked in my favor, I’m still coping with some physical challenges. I guess I’ll have to do some more pondering about further topics to delve into in the days to come. In the meantime, here’s a photo showcasing my newly completed scarf – along with the perfect top I dug out of the pile this morning!

Knit on.