Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating just a bit. But all day today I’ve been struggling to get my work done while dealing with a wicked headache. The pain waxed and waned throughout the day, though it didn’t appear to respond to any particular treatment (e.g., caffeine, food, ibuprofen). Even the brief nap I took instead of lunch didn’t really help. Hopefully, once I get home from the Eternal Workday, I can sprawl on the couch for a bit and wind down, then crawl into bed and sleep for at least five solid hours.

Based on how I felt when I woke up this morning, I have a sneaking suspicion that my headache was induced by a rough night of teeth-grinding. I don’t often where my bite guard when I sleep, as I’ve only noticed symptoms of this sleeping habit a couple times before. The last time it happened, I slept with my mouth guard the next night and had no further problems. And that was about two months ago. Let’s hope for the best tomorrow, eh?

Meanwhile, I have made some progress on my knitting projects for the month. Last night I got to the point of binding off on my rainbow-colored infinity scarf. That one will definitely be done by the weekend – in time for the weather to warm up. I had finished the back of the baby sweater, so this morning I cast on for the two fronts (cardigan). I had already knit up the pocket linings, so those are ready to be attached when I reach that point on the fronts (in 17 rows). I was a tad annoyed when I last looked at the directions for this. The pattern is for a double-breasted cardigan, and the instructions for the left front are provided, working from the bottom to the top (shoulder); then the designer tells you to mark the left front for the buttons, based on measurements from the shoulder.

Well, I am knitting both fronts together so that they’re the same size. I won’t be able to place the buttonholes on the right front based on the button placements on the left front based on measurements from the shoulder. That’s just not possible (for the non-knitters, just trust me!). Since the lengths of the pieces have a set length measurement, I’ll do that math to figure out where they should be placed based on measurements from the bottom edge. Even with all that hoop-jumping, I think it’s an adorable sweater.

In other baby news, one co-worker gave birth to a baby girl last night. Another co-worker’s wife went into labor today, and as of this afternoon they were heading to the hospital. Dad hasn’t yet posted any info to Facebook, so we may not get details on that birth until tomorrow. Note that this little one was due to arrive on Halloween. Of course, babies (like wizards) are never late, nor are they early. They arrive precisely on time!

Knit on.