…shouldn’t the same also be true that all bad things must come to and end? And yet, the hits just keep on coming. Still, I’m doing my best to remain an upbeat optimist. And so I shall list some happy things:

  1. It’s Friday, and work is done. The weekend did finally arrive!
  2. My older brother has celebrated another birthday – so now he’s even older than me. 😉
  3. I don’t have to work this weekend!
  4. Got to see a bunch of veterans as they assembled for our Veterans’ Day parade today! We live in the land of the free thanks to the brave.
  5. Got the latest Signals catalog in the mail today. I now have a new tag line…“Incorrigible. Please do not incorrige.”
  6. Thanks to vacation planning, I have no more five-day work weeks until 2013!
  7. I am blessed to have dinner plans tomorrow night with my parents.
  8. I’ve just finished my second scarf project this fall.
  9. I have watermelon socks!

Let the fun begin, and knit on!