Today was a really busy day for me, and very musical in nature. It’s very late, though, so I’ll just share a little bit about it. This morning I attended a workshop for choir members and cantors, and it was helpful to get a review on some of the fundamentals of singing. I got to exercise some of those refreshed skills in the afternoon, as I prepared for Monday night’s audition (fingers crossed…). I made it home from that adventure with just a little time to get ready for church. This evening I was part of a lovely intimate choral group, leading the music at our 5:00 p.m. Mass. We rocked, if I do say so myself! My parents were in attendance for Mass, and we went out to dinner afterward. Then I rounded out the evening with another faith community musical celebration. Now I must get to bed, for I’ll be back at church in the morning for a repeat “performance” but on a larger scale – many more voices, five-part harmonies, and all that jazz.

I didn’t get much knitting done, but I have made a bit of progress on a friend’s socks. G’night all, and knit on.