Last night, as I lay in bed drifting off to sleep I realized…dang it! I forgot to write a blog post! This morning when I woke up, I then started to wonder what approach to take. Should I treat it like a dose of medication, and write the next post as soon as I can, then get back in sync with an evening post? (This work thing can get in the way from time to time…) OR, should I treat it like a diet – blown one day, so you just start fresh the next day. I opted for the latter. Writing a new post is much easier than dieting, by the way.

Monday was a rugged day. I spent most of the day recovering from the busy weekend. Seriously, it was very difficult for me to get out of bed on Monday morning. And I ended up crawling back in after I took my shower. Finally, I knew I had to bite the bullet and get dressed so as to get in to the office at a reasonable time. I was comforted with the knowledge that it was a governmental holiday (and rightly so, as Veterans’ Day should be revered as much as Independence Day!!), which meant traffic would be lighter than usual. In an instant, my day became markedly brighter though, when I remembered that we get to wear jeans this week! In recognition of contributions to the Red Cross, supporting their efforts on the East Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, our office’s social committee obtained permission to bestow this privilege on those who contributed through the corporate office’s designated link. Woo-hoo! Everything’s brighter when I can wear jeans instead of having to dress up!

Still, by the time I got in to work, that surge of energy was waning. I dumped my things at my desk, then shuffled to the kitchen to make some coffee. It didn’t really help. Seriously, I don’t think I felt fully awake until at least 3 p.m. But, I muddled through. Through it all, in the back of my mind was the seed of worry, knowing I had an audition that evening. Granted, the initial audition isn’t something that I need to worry about a whole lot, as it’s the first hurdle toward casting, and it’s kind of a low hurdle. There’s always the chance I could screw it up though, somehow. I said a few prayers on my way to the location. A surprise blessing was being greeted by Johnny, as cast member I got to know in this past year’s production. The last time I saw him was at the going-away party for him and his wife, as they moved to Georgia to be close to their kids. He happened to be in town, so it was nice of him to pitch in and assist.

Those auditions went fine, but tonight was the call-back. This is the big challenge, face to face with all the competition. I won’t write much about it, as I’m way too nervous about the outcome. In my mind, I’m perfect for the role I want. But who’s to say the director sees it that way, or the other folks involved in the casting decisions? And the competition was pretty fierce…in a perky and talented way. Tomorrow all will be revealed, and I’ll learn what my winter will hold in the way of non-knitting entertainment.

Speaking of knitting…yes, I was! I’ve still got a bunch of projects on the needles, but I’m making decent progress on a bunch of them. Between my segments on stage, I managed to complete 75% of a hat, and several rows on the baby cardigan. The former I had to set down when I realized there was an error in the pattern. The latter only lasted as long as the skein of yarn did, which ran out after six rows. Now that I’m at home, I have wound the next skein to continue on the sweater, and once I post this, I’ll check the hat pattern!

I’ve got a few ideas of things to write about still rattling around in my brain. And there’s nearly half a month remaining in this challenge. So stay tuned. I should have something at least mildly entertaining to share real soon…

Knit on.