Well, I had a heck of a time this past week, with a wild battle of priorities and juggling. Work has been extremely busy, and as we’re getting to year-end, I’m starting to use up my vacation days. I had a four-day weekend this past weekend, which meant I had to work late a few nights last week. The first night I missed my posting goal, I scrambled after working late to make it to choir practice. Having the day off on Friday was a huge blessing, as I was exhausted from the work week. The rest of the weekend, I did my best to cope with back pain – as I apparently wrenched it somehow. I managed to get the situation under control in time to return to work on Tuesday.

Tuesday also began my dog sitting stint for the week, and that was not as easy as I’d hoped. Dear, sweet Sammi spent the first eight hours after my arrival cowering under the master bed. I finally managed to coax her out, and we’ve been good buddies ever since. Which is good, as I have needed a buddy, since there’s no one else about.

The holiday weekend is nice, affording me plenty of knitting time. There hasn’t really been much else to do, either. My son will come over to visit for a bit this evening, so I’m looking forward to that.  I’m not really keen on the whole Black Friday shopping frenzy, so tomorrow will probably be more of the same – knitting & TV. On the bright side, I have finished a pair of socks for a friend and have made great progress on my Christmas skirt as well as a couple other projects I’ve been working on.  I’ve also loved catching up on the BBC series Merlin, though I’d really like to see a few more episodes involving Lancelot…perhaps I’ll go back and review some of the earlier shows. 🙂

Sir Lancelot — Yum!

Knit on.